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Pathway to Eustress

Over 60% of inmates in local jails and 50% of inmates in state prisons suffer from some type of mental illness. How many inmates don’t know that they are suffering? How many don't know that there are resources available to help them? These are questions Eustress, Inc. can no longer ignore. 

The term "eustress" means stress that is deemed healthful or giving one the feeling of fulfillment. Eustress, Inc. has launched the “Pathway to Eustress” campaign to get our executive director’s book, Injured Reserve, into the hands of as many members of detention centers as possible. We believe that this book, which provides a first-hand account of living with mental illness and surviving suicide attempts, as well as tools and methods for promoting mental wellness, will help incarcerated men find a path to feelings of fulfillment.

Our goal is to share a copy of Rwenshaun Miller’s book, Injured Reserve, with at least 100,000 inmates in jails/prisons/detention centers across the country. 

Just $10 can put a book in a man's hand and change a hopeless outlook into a hopeful one.

“America’s prisons have become warehouses for the mentally ill. Mass incarceration has been largely fueled by misguided drug policy and excessive sentencing, but the internment of hundreds of thousands of poor and mentally ill people has been a driving force in achieving our record levels of Imprisonment.” 

- Bryan Stevenson, Just Mercy