(pronounced yo͞oˈstres)

Is stress that is deemed healthful or giving one the feeling of fulfillment. Eustress Inc.  strives to raise awareness around a taboo topic that one may suffer alone with on a day-to-day basis.

We all have good days and bad days, but some may need help to make sure that their good ones outweigh the bad.

The “Let's Talk about It Walk” is a reoccurring  event that shows support for those in the community living with mental health disorders and to encourage everyone to not be afraid to walk the talk! Event proceeds go to Eustress Inc.'s mission to break the stigma surrounding mental illness in the community.


As advocates we are committed to shedding light and sharing knowledge on issues that affect our mental health. Sometimes we don't realize that we are not alone when it comes to our own mental health or helping others affected by mental illness. We understand the importance of talking about it through speaking engagements, social media campaigns, and our events.


Stress is part of all of our lives. No one is immune from it. It can stem from our relationships, our finances, or even our jobs.

A series to highlight how stress pops in our lives in different ways and in different professions. We each find a way to manage stress, promote Eustress  in our lives, and protect our mental health.

So, Why Eustressin'?

Why Eustressin' T-Shirt
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Why Eustressin' T-Shirt
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Mental health can affect everyone, and it is imperative to protect your mental health. Purchasing a  Eustress, Inc.' "Why Eustressin'" Shirt is a testament to you protecting your mental health on a day-to-day basis and promoting Eustress in your life. 


Proceeds from the shirt help fund Eustress, Inc. initiatives and those with mental health challenges in our communities.



Donations help to support our impactful initiatives, such as the #LetsTalkAboutIt Walk as well as helps provide resources needed to raise mental health awareness and help affected individuals achieve a healthier lifestyle.


Volunteers are active participants and contributors in the long journey ahead to break the stigma around mental health. We rely heavily on our volunteers from event staffing to utilizing your creative talents, we need you!


Support means the world to us. We would love to see you at our #LetsTalkAboutIt walks, our programs, and events. We are an organization built on community and your support is our foundation.