Eustress, Inc. Sets Out to Make a Difference in the lives of 100,000 Inmates Nationwide

During the inaugural Let's Talk About It Gala, Eustress, Inc. founder, Rwenshaun Miller and board member, Neils Ribeiro-Yemofio announced the launch of the "Pathway to Eustress" campaign. The campaign, which was born out of Rwenshaun's concern for the significant number of imprisoned men suffering from mental illness, was created to put Rwenshaun's book, Injured Reserve, in the hands of 100,000 inmates nationwide by May 2019. Injured Reserve is an autobiographical account of Rwenshaun's experience living with bipolar disorder that gives the reader tactical ways to address their own mental challenges along the way. 

According to the Bureau of Justice, over 60% of inmates in local jails and 50% of inmates in state prisons suffer from some type of mental illness. It is the goal of the Pathway to Eustress campaign to contribute to the decrease of these staggering numbers.

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